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Alpoko Don

Location:Greenville, SC
Genre:Southern Rap
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“This is my life, something’s wrong with how I’m living” is a part of the catchy chorus sung by Alpoko Don, a multi-talented Hip-Hop artist from Greenville, South Carolina. Alpoko Don, aka Randrickas Young has sat Twitter, YouTube and Facebook afire with his unique, tongue twisting, mind boggling punch lines and melodies. After one listen you will begin to understand why he say’s he’s “your favorite rappers, favorite rapper, favorite rapper.”
Social media has made Alpoko Don a household name. His video’s have gone viral and have been viewed close to nine million times. Sitting on his front porch with nothing other than a pen and his fist, Don creates rhythm patterns using the banister railings of his porch. He’s a one man band spitting raw emotion, religious inspired and thought provoking lyrics that some may say is reminiscent of DMX or the late Tupac Shakur. His love for music started around the age of 13 when his elder brother introduced him to rapping. Don quickly realized he was good at it and never looked back. His knowledge of scriptures and faith in God was a result of his grandmother, Emma Young. Every Sunday she took Alpoko Don to Antioch Baptist Church in Greenville. The teachings and time spent at Antioch have resurfaced in his music. In a song entitled “Letter To God”, Alpoko gives his perspective through a conversation with God. Alpoko raps "I don’t know, I don’t get it Lord talk to me. How can I have faith in something I just can’t see? This a small example son listen very closely, you can't see oxygen but you believe you can breath." Despite his roots in church, Alpoko Don has had his fair share of legal problems which resulted in him serving eight years in prison. While incarcerated, he began focusing on his musical talents and made a vow to pursue music relentlessly when given another chance. Shortly after his release, a cell phone video of Don’s porch freestyles were uploaded to YouTube. The video displayed Alpoko Don doing what he loves and affectionately refers to as making movies. “I don’t even make songs, I make movies,” he says. “ I am a complete artist.”
Alpoko Don is a true southern man, filled with charm, charisma and an addictive signature laugh. He has one child, Randricka and a long time girlfriend, Tunisia. His favorite sport is fishing and he enjoys reading old western books and watching cartoons, no scary movies for this guy. Don doesn’t listen to much rap music instead he enjoys Sam Cooke and Anthony Hamilton. When you visit South Carolina’s landmarks and tourist attractions, don’t be surprised if Alpoko Don’s porch is listed as one of them, he’s putting Greenville on the map.