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Carly Dark Vador

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap


Carly aka Dark Vador born Carl Reed raised in Memphis TN. At the age of 10 Carly moved with his grandmother Effie Marie Reid that lived in the north part of memphis. By the time Carly was 14 it seems like all he knew of was music. Carly stayed writing rhymes and recording tapes around the neighborhood with his cousins, rapping was one of his main hobbies. He would do talent shows for schools and perform at parties. When Carly was 18 he was living back and forth with his relatives because of the death of his grandmother.Tha streets became his home for a while, out hustlin trying to survive and live. He was starting to get back into his music deeper as a producer.
In 1999 Carly met a guy by the name of Lil J, that had a couple of underground tapes out. Together they started a record label name Hid N Black Records. Carly produced and recorded his first album called L.I.F.E, that he moved hand to hand out the trunk. By that time Carly was learning more about the music industry. In the year 2002 he started his own label called Posted Up Records, were now Carly has released two nation-wide albums and has a street album collection cataloge thats out now. He set an very successful goal for him and his label. Hes continuing to build his fan base with hard hitting albums just for tha streets. Carly is building a very strong repitation in tha streets of memphis with his style of music As A Rapper And A Producer.