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Crime Lords

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap
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What up gangstas! It's ya boy Dre'matic back again with another Memphis underground treat for you. The very first incarnation of the Crime Lords as a group dates back to around '95/'96 with a group of young niggaz reppin' different parts of Frayser. One of those original members, known then as Lil Yo, has made it big over the past few years. Some of yall might have heard of Ridge Crest native Yo Gotti. He was the front man of the original Crime Lords group which included some of his kinfolks and classmates. Lil Yo had been doin' music with DJ Sound & the Frayser Click as well as appearing on releases by Skinny Pimp's GimiSum Family. After gaining a lil street fame for himself after releasing his solo tape "Youngsta'z On A Come Up" produced by his brother Big Jook, Lil Yo cut another tape featuring Lil Tri, Lil Maniyak, Lil T and my lil cousin Lil John the Crookit One. These and maybe a couple other niggas who name started with "Lil" made up the first Crime Lords group. They only dropped one tape as a group and there was no more heard from any of them until Lil Yo came back on the scene years later as Yo Gotti and began his ascent into nationwide stardom. Meanwhile, taking the old group name and teaming up with his own kinfolks, Lil John the Crookit One reemerged onto the underground scene. Our first cd as the Crime Lords was Criminal Behavior. It was recorded at ARP Studios near Binghampton which was run by this psycho OG killa muh'phukka named Chaz. We even landed a lil notoriety by being featured in an issue of the infamous Murder Dog Magazine. The project was well received and after taking a short break to do other projects we reconvened to record the follow-up, Hustlaz Dream, which never got released.