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DJ Fury

Location:Miami, FL
Genre:Miami Bass, Electro Bass


Brian "D.J. FURY" Graham (aka The "King of Bass") is not a novice to the music industry. He began his professional career in 1992 with the worldwide release of his debut album, "The Kings of Bass", under the Joey Boy Records label in Miami, FL. Before that time, he was a popular mixtape deejay in the Southeastern United States for many years. Professionally, D.J. FURY has produced several albums for his former group, Bass Patrol, many of his own solo albums and several albums/remixes for popular recording artists such as: Sammie, Half Pint, The Miami Boys, RX Lord, D.J. Uncle Al, Men of Vision, and D.M.P. to name a few. D.J. FURY quickly became one of the country's most renowned music producers and you would rarely find a car or truck without one of his classic CDs somewhere in their collection.
One little known fact about D.J. FURY that made music history is that he was the very first recording artist to ever release a self-produced, Slowed Tempo (now referred to as Screwed), original song on a CD released worldwide! That song was entitled, "Twenty 15's", produced in 1991 and released on his Bass Patrol group's debut album in 1992, "The Kings of Bass". Respectfully, he always gives deserving credit to D.J. Screw for making the Slowed Tempo music style his main forte and as popular as it is around the world today.
Music produced by D.J. FURY has recently been used on the syndicated TV shows Last Call With Carson Daly on NBC and Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn on Comedy Central. D.J. FURY's songs have been used for instructional snowboarding videos in Japan and his songs have also been featured in the movies "Only The Strong" (20th Century Fox) and "Trippin’" (Rogue/October Films), which continue to be aired on cable channels and cinemas around the globe.
In 1995, D.J. FURY started his own independent record label, Full Moon Records, Inc. He released several albums, including one of his own classic solo albums entitled, "Still Blowin' Speakers".
In the year 2000, D.J. FURY took a 5 year hiatus from the hustle & bustle of the music industry to oversee the remodeling of his Central Florida home, to upgrade his recording studio, and also to spend more leisure time traveling.
In late 2005, D.J. FURY re-emerged onto the music scene. Many songs he heard in clubs, on TV & radio stations wherever he traveled reminded him of the heart-pounding, heavy Bass style of music he is so well-known for producing. D.J. FURY felt this was the perfect time for him to take the game to a new level of production. He also has several "Greatest Hits" albums under his belt to solidify his status as a music industry legend and one of the pioneers of that Southern, hard-hitting, trunk-knocking Bass Music sound!
In 2006, D.J. FURY independently released his last solo CD entitled, "COMPETITION BASS", to satisfy the needs of fans around the globe that prayed for something new from the long forgotten Bass Music genre.
In 2010, D.J. FURY now resides in the Atlanta, GA area and is a highly respected Music Industry Consultant. Rumors of a new album have circulated, but only time will tell if we should be so lucky!