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DJ Uncle Al

Location:Miami, FL
Genre:Miami Bass
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"DJ Uncle Al" (August 14, 1969 – September 10, 2001), born Albert Moss in Miami, Florida, was an American DJ.
Moss was known for his trend setting and innovative abilities in music producing and broadcasting as well as his philosophy of "peace in the hood" and non-violence in the community. He was murdered on September 10, 2001.
Moss was born in Miami and graduated from Miami Northwestern High School. In Miami, he gained his experience and popularity over the course of several years. The Not-for-Profit Foundation was named in recognition of his life’s works, promotion of non-violence and constant willingness to help others in the business.
The "DJ Uncle Al "Peace in the Hood" Festival" is an annual festival that is held in the Liberty City area of Miami; in honor of Moss. It promotes his philosophy of "Peace In The Hood."