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Location:Houston, TX
Genre:Houston Rap
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Patrick Lamark Hawkins (December 4, 1970 – February 3, 1998), better known by his stage name Fat Pat (also known as Mr. Fat Pat), was an American rapper from Houston, Texas who was a member of DEA (Dead End Alliance) with his brother John "Big Hawk" Hawkins and DJ Screw, and Kay-K, all original members of the Screwed Up Click.
Wreckshop Records released his first two albums, Ghetto Dreams and Throwed In Da Game in 1998 after his death. Later releases were on the Screwed Up Click label.
On February 3, 1998, Hawkins was fatally shot at 10440 South Drive, Houston, Texas, after going to a promoter's apartment to collect an appearance fee. The promoter was not home and he was shot in the corridor outside the apartment. Eight years later, his brother, rapper Big Hawk was also shot to death.
Following Pat's death in 1998, fellow Screwed Up Click and Wreckshop Records rapper D-Reck decided to make a documentary which combined footage both old and new of Fat Pat and members of both rap cliques. The 50 minute film, Fat Pat - Ghetto Dreams, was released in 1999 and then re-released on DVD a year later as a double feature with another SUC-made film starring Big Moe entitled Mann! The Movie.