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Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap
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Born in the crime stricken streets of Smokey City this North Memphis native has experienced the ups and downs of the music industry. At the age 15 he got his first start with ATS Records by joining the group Young Thugz, often not being paid for skills he displayed, Full Clip then known as (Mr. Mysteriouz) turned to the streets to support himself and his love ones, determined to make it in the music industry the group Young Thugz parted ways with ATS.
Soon there after Full Clip gained success with Shine 4 Life Entertainment a label he help shape along with some others,having entered the industry young his experience prepared him for his biggest adventure yet to come, a partnership with his uncle HITT as Co CEO of Death Touch Records formed in 2005. Full Clip also features with a group he put together call A-Block who EP - Gunsmoke Mixtape Volume 1 is heating up the streets, now with his solo album - Gone at da Money in full stride hes positioning himself to make a major impact on the music industry with his second release North Memphis Monster.