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Gangsta Pat

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap
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One of the first Memphis rappers to make the major-label jump, Pat (Birth Name Patrick Hall) never attained the acclaim or success of fellow Memphis pioneers Three 6 Mafia and Eightball & MJG, yet Pat still remains noteworthy for his trailblazing. Pat's career began promisingly when Atlantic signed him at the dawn of the gangsta rap era and released #1 Suspect (1991) as well as two accompanying singles, "I'm tha Gangsta" and "Gangsta's Need Love 2" Like most of Atlantic's other rap releases from the time, Pat's debut LP made little impact, quickly going out of print and leaving him without a recording contract soon after. Pat returned to the underground the next year with Wrap Records, a short-lived indie label distributed by Ichiban. Wrap released two albums, All About Comin' Up (1992) and Sex, Money & Murder (1994), as well as two respective singles, "Gangsta Boogie" and "That Type of Gangsta" Once again, Pat found little success beyond the Atlanta-Memphis axis and thus packed his bags, moving to Power Records for Deadly Verses (1995) and Homicidal Lifestyle (1997).
These two albums showcased a more introspective and mature style, as Pat decided to speed up his flow la Bone and darkened his themes la Three 6 Mafia. Regardless, despite the cult following he began to garner with these two highly regarded albums, he couldn't translate the support into national sales, and Pat moved on to yet another label, Red Rum. Pat remained there for quite a while, releasing a string of albums beginning with The Story of My Life (1997) that tended to emulate the trends of their respective eras. In 1998 Three Six Mafia tried to dis Pat in The Source magazine, calling him a fake ass rapper with no skills. Gangsta Pat then targeted Three 6 Mafia in his 1999 album, Tear Yo Club Down, with a highly targeted dis track aimed at the Three Six Mafia which at the time no one would try to dis the rap pioneers.
This was the time Pat decided to show the world that Three Six Mafia weren't the heavy weights of Memphis everyone had previously thought. By doing this it opened the door to a whole new era of rap in Memphis, and proved to Three Six Mafia that no one was scared to make a musical hit on the group. Other Rappers soon followed Pat's steps of dissing Three Six Mafia, such as "T-Rock" out of Atlanta with his tracks "My Lil Arm and Fuck 3 6" who dissed DJ Paul and Juicy J, and the "Krucifix Klan" who is a underground group out of Memphis.