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Hotboy Ronald

Location:New Orleans, LA
Genre:Southern Rap


It is a rare and significant occasion when a musical artist captures and expresses the sentiments of a generation and expands his horizons to make an impact on society. Creating a union between his music and his life. That artist is know as “Hotboy Ronald” who is undoubtedly among this very select, very small group. His career carries him through a maze of opportunities that will please all that come in contact with such a talented artist. It is no secret that the type of music that Ronald creates will please all concert and club goers.
Ronald Redditt or Hotboy Ronald born June 6, 1977, hails from the infamous New Orleans Downtown region and was raised in the Desire projects. Like some other housing projects, the Desire projects have a serious reputation for being rowdy and wild. It's a place where few children survive unscathed by the horrendous poverty that grips many of the residents there. But not Ronald. Like the elders of old, he kept his eyes on the prize - his dream of being a rap star.
"I had my struggles", says a solemn Ronald when asked about life in the "wild" Desire. "The Desire projects were a very hard place to grow up in, so I had my struggles and I had peer pressure, but I didn't let things get to me. I always stayed focused on what I was trying to do.” It was there in the Desire projects where he found such friends as Juvenile, Magnolia Slim, Josephine Johnny, and Charlie Whop who all highly motivated Ronald to stick with his dream of being a rap star.
Ronald’s life became a life of choices. He had to choose between the life of music or the life of the streets. And because of all the talent that Ronald was surrounded by, he chose the life of music. From performing at the high school talent shows, to performing in some of the top clubs in New Orleans, Ronald saw the rap game become second nature. This led Ronald to his debut CD “HOT OFF THE HEATER” which sold over 15,000 copies in the Southern region with his first label STRANDID ENTERTAINMENT. Ronald had three hot singles from the HOT OFF THE HEATER album that were playing on radio stations all across the Southern region. These singles were “LIKE A OU’K!”, “WOBBLE FOR ME”, AND “CATCH THE WALL” that feature the JOSEPHINE YOUNGUNZ. This had HOTBOY RONALD’s name ringing all over the streets of the Southern region.