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Josephine Johnny

Location:New Orleans, LA
Genre:Southern Rap, Bounce
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Johnny Watson was born and raised at 4405 Josephine Street, and took his stage name, Josephine Johnny, to commemorate his heritage. At the age of 10, his love for music and influences from Michael Jackson, Tupac, and N.W.A. led him down a path that would birth one of the greatest rappers the South has ever heard. Fans quickly took notice of Josephine Johnny's powerful style and energetic personality.
In late 1999, Josephine Johnny was discovered and signed to Jam Tight Records, where he received his first record deal. He then put out four albums under the label. When the company started to keep royalties from him, he decided to launch his own record label, Josephine Records, LLC. His dynamic debut album's Trouble Will Find You, and Throw Back Thong, were two of his best pieces of work. The Workin Wit Sumthin song creatively reflects the ups and downs of the rapper/song writer's experiences.
This particular song shows Josephine Johnny’s high energy and undeniably distinctive style of rap. This style helped him land big gigs and performances with other major artists, including, B.G, Juvenile, Lil Boosie, Ja Rule, B-Low, Turk, Magnolia Chop, and Eurka the Golden Child. Josephine Johnny has also been invited to make special guest appearances at celebrity basketball games, the New Orleans Jazz Fest, and Teen Summit, held in the New Orleans Superdome. He has also put his much requested talents on display at major universities like Grambling University along with Ja Rule and Juvenile.
Josephine Johnny’s energy has influenced and added to the flavor of other superstars including, Beyonce, Ludacris, Reggie Wayne, Reggie Bush, Chad Johnson, and Joe Horn. They have all been seen doing the Josephine Johnny Dance, and his energetic skills even gave one of the most famous artists (Ludacris) good reason to say his name in the “Why Don't We Fall In Love Remix” with Amerie. His video played on Phat Phat N All That, and All Good in the Hood. Since the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the South and Southern music has steadily evolved due to the New Orleans Bounce originators, of whom Josephine Johnny is one of the premier pioneers.
Josephine Johnny feels that God gave him a gift, so it's only right that he lead the way with his gospel song “I Believe in the Lord”, which he has performed with warm welcome at churches in the Houston metropolitan area. Josephine Johnny music has an eternal sound that appeals to fans of all ages. His music, dance style, and name have traveled all over the world with the likes of Beyonce and Ludacris.
He proves on his albums that it’s possible to be classy and funky at the same time. Through the power of his music and dance, he hopes to bust radio speakers, television sets, and magazines wide open. What makes Josephine Johnny different from other artists is his drive to learn and stand out, above, and beyond. Losing his twin brother, Lonnie, who helped him start the company, and his nephew in 2005 has been very hard for him. When Johnny lost his twin, it took a lot out of him. He feels that now is the time for him to make a major comeback to the music game and continue his legacy of leaving a lasting musical impression on the entertainment industry.