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Location:Tampa, FL
Genre:Southern Rap
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Born in Philadelphia and raised in Tampa, Florida, Khia has been writing and singing Rap, R&B, and Gospel all her life. She danced Tap, African, and was a boisterous cheerleader. She performed at school, in talent shows, and parades. She never failed to use her home as a stage when all else failed. And to this very day, Khia still breathes to entertain through music.
Khia's hip-hop career sprouted with her ear to the pulse of club trends. She bartended in Tampa's pace-setting Club XS, home to Wild 98.7FM, and the perfect venue for exploring crowd-moving vibes. It didn't hurt that her friends were the top local DJs and producers, and for years she had been writing music for other groups. When Khia's mother met an untimely death in 2000 from kidney failure, it was a wake-up call to focus on herself and present her own talents to the public.
In 2002, Khia honed her verbal skills so carefully that the Thug Misses album flowed effortlessly. Her infamous single, “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” was all over the country. Says Khia of the album, "That album was dedicated to my Mom. I am seeing the rewards of her advice". Khia’s first album was solely written and produced by her. Distributed by Artemis Records, Thug Misses set a huge example for females on the indie scene - one that has yet to be topped. "My Neck My Back" was also sold and featured on the soundtrack for Fox TV’s “Dark Angel” show where other established artists such as Public Enemy; Q-Tip; MC Lyte; and Samantha Cole were also featured. Her single was also featured in films such as “40 Year Old Virgin” and “In The Deep” starring LL Cool J.
Passing her album to DJ’S; selling if from the trunk of cars; and getting it played through underground radio; Khia was in demand with no video; no “Top 40” radio play; no promotion - just skills. And with the demand for good female hip hop lyrics, Khia didn’t stop at Thug Misses. In 2005, she released her sophomore album entitled, Gangstress which featured her second hit single, “Snatch the Cat Back” - an elevated continuation of what her debut album had to offer.
During the autumn of 2006, Khia was also featured on music legend, Janet Jackson’s album, 2O Y.O. The featured song, “So Excited” was Jackson’s first single off of the milestone Virgin Records album. Trick Daddy’s album, Thug Matrimony also featured Khia on his single, “Jodd”.
Khia does more than hold her own, spitting confident lyrics for the sisters who demand full sexual satisfaction while lacing a body-snapping beat for everyone in the club and her third album entitled, Nasti Muzik via Big Cat Records / Tommy Boy will prove it. Soon to be released in late spring ’08, her first single, “What They Do” featuring Gucci Mane will give listeners a glimpse of Khia’s growth as an artist and music producer. “This album will really show my musical maturity. I had fun with this album. It is artistically fun and creative”, says Khia of her upcoming release. “Each song has it’s own style and identity”.
Despite the phenomenal success she’s had independently, Khia is quick to note that she has what it takes got to the next level. She doesn't just stand around with her homies, or rely on flashy dancers, sets, and costumes. She brings her own style and passion for the spectacular, and truly leaves her heart on stage. Her albums are real and everyone can relate to her storytelling and empowering lyrics.
Khia is currently sharing her gift by writing for other artists and she has just completed her first novel and book of poems that will also soon be released. Aka the Queen of the South, there is more to come from Khia.

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