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Kia Shine

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap
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Kia Shine Is The K.U.S.H. (K.rispy U.nderestimated S.outhern H.ustler) Kia Shine aka Kinfolk the CEO/Producer turned rapper, has been in the studio putting the finishing touches on his independent release, The K.U.S.H. This album picks up where his debut album, Due Season (2007) left off, but takes everything to a whole new level. Three songs/ounces have been leaked from the forthcoming indie release.. “The K.U.S.H.” (Tennessee’s Finest) and “Co-Pilot,” & "NEW STYLE (1ST48). Each reaching a diffErent demographic and audience and have been well recieved at radio, xm & sirrius, mixshow, & mixtapes in the US, CANADA AND OVERSEAS.
A native of Memphis, TN, Shine’s song “The K.U.S.H.” (Tennessee’s Finest) features fellow Tennesseans 8 Ball and Young Buck. Its complex arrangement contains a live 7-piece band, vocal harmonies and expertly captures the soulful sound of the South. “Co-Pilot” is about the good, supportive good woman that every man needs by his side. Both singles and many more songs on the album were executive produced by Shine. The "NEW STYLE(1ST48) is more of the "swag music" kinfolk is so well known for and highlights him as true fashion assasin. “The last album was great and this indie street album is even better because its more raw, I have total creative control so im taking more risk and showing true range I’ve grown as a person, a producer and an artist. People were introduced to my story on the first album and now they have an opportunity to continue to grow with me,” says Shine. “This one showcases my production style more and is a better example of what I have to offer. I am multi-talented, and I know my music,” "this is just my in between music and dvd to make people more familiar with my story and sound, before I release the true sophmore follow "RESPECT DUE" slated to be released in sping of 2009" adds the newly wed and father of 6 week old child prodigy Jackson Dean Coleman.
Displeased with the promotion of his first album, Shine has returned to his roots as an independent artist and is doing things his way. He’s confident audiences will enjoy his southern vibe and his love of life and the finer things that is displayed in his album. The K.U.S.H. I had to shoot my own videos for Due Season, and break the singles myself with my own budget, Universal Motown was just a logo but it gave me what I needed to get through certain doors, but I had to do 80% of what you saw with Due Season MYSELF!!!
Most people refer to the kush as being the best weed but this go round it has a more positive spin and focuses on me and those like me, the Krispy Underestimated Southern Hustler. I’m letting the world know I’m still here and those who have been sleeping on me, will wake up to find themselves working for me,” laughs Shine.
In between writing and producing his album, Shine has made appearances on B.E.T.’s Black Carpet, the runway with men’s fashion designer Karl Kani during L.A. Fashion Week, and have been highlighted on BET's RAP CITY'S CLASSIC BEST OF THE BOOTH" as well as spots dates in clubs across the U.S. and has even been spotted performing in GERMANY late spring.
No novice to the rap game, Shine has released numerous underground albums and used his independent label, Rap Hustlaz, to move over 200,000 units before inking a deal with Universal in 2006. That union led to the release of his debut album, Due Season. Although the album wasn’t a commercial success, due to poor promotions, shine managed to sell a Gold ringtone with "krispy" and moved over 100,000 tracks online iHe received critical acclaim and allowed hip hop connoisseurs to become acquainted with the artist whose flare for fashion and love for his hometown is noted in several of his songs. The album featured the singles “Respect My Fresh,” “Stunna Shades” and “Wow.” The first single, “Krispy,” even landed among the Top 40 list on the hip hop charts. Shine prides himself in being a stellar producer who can also rap and handcrafted 12 of the 16 songs on the album.
A leader rather than a follower, from the very beginning Kia Shine set out on a path to distinguish him from the rest. “When I came on the scene I was different from what was being presented at the time. I didn’t come out with a clique. It was just me without any umbrella, bringing something new. I also wasn’t selling dope, killing people or being gangsta in my lyrics. I just made feel good music that was true to who I am. I had no guest features and my first single, “Krispy” made the charts. I was the breath of fresh air people were looking for,” says Shine.