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King Ray (Nasty Mane) photo

King Ray (Nasty Mane)

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap


I grew up listening to: Growing up in a southern city, most people grow up listening to Blues, ’cause that’s what their parents would be playing. So I grew up listening to a lot of Blues. But as I got older, I fell in love with Hip-Hop just because I felt as though this was something for me. This is my generation’s music. I always listened to East coast, West coast and down South rap, mainly because of the stories being illustrated in the songs. For instance, if I listen to Nas or Biggie Smallz I’d know what the East coast is going through. Or if I listen to Tupac or Snoop Dogg, then I would know what’s going on in the west. I looked at the rappers on the CDs as street reporters, and from then on my passion was being able to tell my story.
Most people don’t know I: Have been rapping for years, even though this is my first solo project. I’ve been doing music for plenty years. I started out with my friend T-Mac. We had a group called Corporate Mob, which consisted of me and him. I went by King Ray and we dropped a mixtape ’bout four or five years ago. My grind was intense, but I basically focused on just my city alone. I didn’t see the rap game as I see it today. In my city of Memphis, there is no DJ that doesn’t know me, pretty much. I know everybody and everything that goes on in my city that has to do with music. But now, I’m not just focused on my city, but the world… I want my art to be heard by listeners all over the world.
My style’s been compared to: No one really. I really don’t try to be like anyone else. I just want to give the people who I am and not try to sound like anyone else. I look at it like, if the people already have Coke, I need to be Sprite. I need to be that new thing. I need to be that standout.
My standout records and moments to date have been: “Pop A Molly” featuring Juicy J. At this point, I’m not known for just one song. My bodies of work such as Belly On Full, which is a mixtape hosted by DJ Smallz, that’s something me and Project Pat collaborated on. We did Belly On Full 2, which we made an album and sold independently. It sold pretty good. Now I have my solo project, my new mixtape K.U.S.H hosted by my guy DJ Scream.
My goal in Hip-Hop is: To be around for a long time. It seems as if a lot of artists coming out today don’t have longevity. I believe that what I’m doing in music can exist for years to come. I’m making good music.
I’m gonna be the next: Legendary artist. I believe I’m going to be a legend. People have not even seen my genius when it comes to music. I just ask everyone to keep their eyes and ears open. I believe I’m one of those artists that will transform musically into something never before experienced.