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Kool Daddy Fresh

Location:Nashville, TN
Genre:Nashville Rap, G-Funk


Tim Moss P.K.A. “Kool Daddy Fresh”, started his rap career as a young teenager with the group known as “New Style Posse”, Tim was called M.C. Fresh in the group. Then M.C. Fresh had recorded his first 12 inch single called “Bust This Groove”, the song was a hit in Nashville, Tennessee. The hit song “Bust This Grove” led to opening up for such acts for Eazy “E”, Public Enemy, Rakim Tone-Loc, Ghetto Boys. Later on the group broke up and Fresh took on the name “Kool Daddy Fresh”, the name was inspired by the birth of his daughter. Then Kool Daddy Fresh launched his solo career and won contest after contest as well as free style battles held through-out the city.
Finally “Kool Daddy Fresh” got his first break in 1994, with a label called “Fo-Real Records, a division of a Wu-Tang Venture. The Fo-Real Records released Kool Daddy Fresh’s first solo album called “It’s All True”, which was produced by his cousin Gary “K.N.S.” Hayden, suddenly “It’s All True” album had the whole south rocking the album. The album went on to sale 125,000 copies, independently, and Kool Daddy Fresh became a legend in the south. Fresh then went on to open up for more acts such as Too-Short, Bone Thugs, Notorious B.I.G., Scarface, Junior Mafia, E-40 and da click, Lil Kim and a host of superstars. As well as being a hype man for Method Man in Orlando, Florida.
Kool Daddy Fresh was the first black rapper from Nashville to perform at the Ryman Auditorium known for country music stars where “Fresh” performed for Tennessee’s Governor, Don Sunquist, and was later invited personally by the Governor to attend a private party at the Governor’s Mansion. The Governor and Fresh posed for a picture for the inside of Kool Daddy Fresh’s second album, Plottin & Licensed to Chill cover for the inside cover. Fresh went on to drop 3 more albums that had small success but not as well as the first c.d. but still managed to total up 275,000 albums sold on all projects totaled up and was even given an award in his name and now Nashville has the “Hip Hop in the Ville Award”, there is now a category called “The Kool Daddy Fresh award. Fresh has recorded with such artist as Young Buck, Lil John & the Eastside Boys and the late M.C. Breed and Too-Short and a list of superstars Kool Daddy Fresh has collaborated with.
Fresh was a member of a group called “Organized Crime”, they recorded the album “Trapped Inside a Bomb”, which had the smash single and video “Game for Sale”, which featured M.C. Breed, Jazze Pha & Too-Short, the album sold 35,000 copies thru-out the south independently. Kool Daddy Fresh was a special house guest of Luke known as “Uncle Luke” and was heavily recruited to sign with his label and had a special guest appearance in the “It’s Ya Birthday!” video. Fresh has been flown to E-40’s house for his gold-album party in 1999. Fresh appeared in the Source magazine, where C-Murder and Silk the Shocker was on the front cover. Fresh had a two-page story featuring him . Fresh has also appeared in Murder Dogg, Ozone magazines.
In 2005, Fresh joined Gary Payton( N.B.A. All-Star & Champion), record label “Rock Solid Entertainment. Fresh then went on a summer tour with Spice 1, Slim Thugg, Clovergeez and Botany Boys, that rocked Houston, Texas, New Orleans, Mississippi and throughout the south, also Fresh traveled to New York with producer, Free Smith, who produced albums for M.O.P. Dougie Fresh. Fresh also attended a hypnotic party, as a special guest of D.J. Clark Kent. Now in 2012, Fresh has made a comeback to music out of love for his loyal Kool Daddy Fresh fans. Fresh has been hosting, refereeing and coaching little league basketball, and raising money to buy under privileged children clothes, shoes and school supplies for the past three years in Nashville, in an effort to give back to the children. Fresh is expecting to have success with his new cd entitled “Street Credibility”, which is a double cd that includes the classic “It’s All True” for free. In the words of Kool Daddy Fresh, “I give god the glory, and it’s all in his hands”.