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Lutinent G

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap
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This is Lutinent G speaking a distinctive, very discerning rap artist from the streets of Memphis, Tennessee. I represent rare breed of rap artist actually from the street, here to fill a void in hip-hop. I've truly been blessed with a unique and incredible talent to spit fire. That's the reason why I'm using every avenue and alley to succeed. My work ethic is tenacious and my music is versatile. I've always known my destiny; therefore I started at an early age to hone my skills. At the age of twelve I began recording in basement studios. At sixteen I was recording professionally and performing at various clubs around town. Yes, like anyone trying to achieve their goals I faced adversity. Sometimes the obstacles seemed as high as mountains, but none of them reached the altitude of my determination or my ambition. I'm twenty-one now and my teams winning with two previously released projects ("The Ambitions Of A Rap-A-Holic" and "I`m Out Da Gate") and the new "Street Tested, Block Approved". "Street Tested, Block Approved" is now available on the site or in stores. Both Cd's include "YEAH YEAH" supported by the smash video. With the continuation of hard work and non-stop grinding, backed by my passion for music, my destiny will no longer be a dream; it will become a highly earned reality. Big shout out to my fans!! Thank you all for the support!!! Holla "YEAH YEAH" when you see me in the street!