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M.C. Mack

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap
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MC Mack, a Memphis rap veteran, who was once a part of the Hypnotize Camp Posse (H.C.P), ran by DJ Paul and Juicy J, has established himself as a prominent figure in helping trade mark the original crunk music genre. During the early 90's, Mack graced the city of Memphis with underground classics like, "Go 2 Church Hoe" to "She's Goin (pt.1)". The "buzz" created from such songs not only attracted fans regionally, but helped Mack form a partnership with former business associate Juicy J.
Mack went on to appear on several Hypnotize Minds releases such as the regional hit "Mystic Stylez (1995)" and the platinum album "When Tha Smoke Clears: 1666 (2001)". He also was part of the "Killa Klan Kaze" (The Kaze), which consisted of Project Pat and Scan Man".
In 2001, Mack parted ways with the label and decided to hookup with the Scan Man to form the musical venture, Kami Kaze Inc. Kami Kaze Inc. released their first album, "Thugz From Da Southside" - 2000 Mass Destruction" in 1999. Currently, MC Mack continues to write and produce music for other artists.

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