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Papa Reu

Location:Houston, TX
Genre:Houston Rap
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Don`t call it a come back, Papa Reu is eagerly emerging to let the world know that one of the industry’s most known unknown artist is ready to position himself atop epicenter of down south Hip Hop.
With his unique island sound, southern street savvy, and a respect of music history, it is no wonder why the likes of artists such as 8 Ball & MJG. The Cash Money Records camp took advantage of the rare talent by featuring him on their early multi-platinum recordings, such as The Big Tymers’, “Lick Them Up Shot”, Juvenile’s, “Rich Ni**az” and Lil Wayne’s, “Not Like Me”. Reu has always been an eargasm to the industry by adding his fiery touch on numerous hits for artists such as Lil Flip, Field Mob, and Daz Dillinger. As a true music enthusiast and a student of the game, Reu continues to hone his calling by staying true to the art and manifesting what’s most important when creating music: truth and passion.
This attitude is what brings Reu here today as a graduate of the hip hop business and a minor in entrepreneur 101, Papa Reu, a man who has completed the internships of life is ready to give the world nothing but himself, America’s favorite “Reu’d Boy.”
Born in Trinidad & Tobago, not exactly known for its thriving hip hop culture, Reu’s early musical influences were the likes of Gregory Isaac and Slick Rick. At the age of 16, Reu and his brother uprooted to Houston, TX where he began affiliating himself with the local hip hop scene and became a pioneer of Houston’s popular underground rap movement. With a recording career that stretches back to the late 90s, Reu is recognized by fans for his distinct lyrical technique, versatility in flow and distinguishable style.
Quitely making a name for himself, Papa Reu has released three albums independently under his Reu Muzik, Inc. label, Xcuse Me!, U Know Me, and Certified. Collectively Papa Reu has sold over 100,000 throughout the south, west coast and mid west. His key markets are in the south in cities such as Houston, Dallas, and Oklahoma City just to name a few.
In an industry known for clones and one-hit-wonders, Papa Reu boasts a breath of fresh air for true hip hop lovers. Recognized as one of Houston’s leading rap voices, Reu exemplifies a truly original, outspoken swagger that blazes the streets of his city and else where.
With his new album packed with street anthems, club bangers and scorching tracks, this release represents a musical forum for Reu to paint the undaunted picture of his life as it is today speaking on the good, the bad, and the ugly. With his uncommon and charismatic style, it wouldn’t be more than a true statement to say that the streets would love and embrace the marathon man himself who holds the torch to his dreams, and is ready to run the victory lap!