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PB Mempfi$

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap


If you ever want to witness the true image of a real pimp, then look no further when you glance in the eyes of PB Mempfis. With flowing permed hair, chilsed facial features, an inviting muscular frame and a conversation that would put Bill Clinton to shame, PB Memphis is on deck to contribute pimpology to the total hip hop game. Born Torey Hale, PB first started as the hype man for Gangsta Boo unitl DJ Paul from Three Six Mafia gave him a mic and he began to flow. His spit firing lyrics and magnetic physical appeal allowed him a chance to spit on a couple of verses on the single “Jail Talk”. With an immense amount of success, he later became a feature on Gangsta Boo’s “Sipping and Spinning” single which received radio play all across the south. Because of his uncanning charisma and lyrical geniuses, PB began to develop a name for himself and was quickly gained attention from labels across the country.
Deciding to venture out on his own, PB collaborated with the Drum Squad, Big Phil, DJ Funky, Montana Trax and released the highly acclaim mixed cd, “Pimp Tales, Volume I”. With a delivery known across the world as Memphis pimping, PB moved several units in the streets while branding himself as a solo artist. Known for his pretty boy swag and for keeping it moving, PB continued to grind, as he did features with notable artists from the Memphis area.
Currently, PB is in preparation to release his new CD, “Pimp Tales, Volume II” which features the single, “Mind on My Money”, with collabs from Memphis own La chat and Nasty Nardo. As MC’s are coming out like flies at a southern family reunion, the hip hop community is about to pump it’s brakes to the flow and style of this true Memphis hip hop pimp and note, there’s nothing candy coated about that.