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Location:Port Arthur, TX
Genre:Southern Rap, G-Funk
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Playa-D is one of the most sought after underground Artists from the Land of the Trill Port Arthur,Tx (Home of U.G.K). He already has a gold plaque under his belt for the the production work on U.G.K.'s Riding Dirty Album the buzz then caught the ear of Cedric Singleton Ceo of black market records which was home to acts Brother Lynch Hung and X-Raided Playa-D's group P.M.P dropped on an Compilation Cd entiled No face killa's which sold well regionally.
Playa-D's group P.M.P released an album in 2000 caled Pain which pushed 40,000 units independently but due to bad management the group was split up now back solo with a new rich sound new fan base management in place a full time recording studio at his home the sky is the limit I feel a whole lot better about my recording situation now says Playa-D everything is in my hands i control my publishing my product and all my masters and i also know how to strategically market to my target audience and no one can do that better than me says Playa-D (Port Arthur news Article).
Equiped with a full arsonel of live musicians and session singers ready to record Playa-D mainstream status is only around the corner humble at heart but with enough confidence to tackle the industry Playa-D's persona seems unbreakable with trend setting production "Bad habits is a must have in your home cd player car or wherever you listen to your music.