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Point Blank

Location:Houston, TX
Genre:Houston Rap
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Point Blank joined the S.P.C. in 1990. He has been a solo artist from day one. He released his first cd in 1992 "Prone To Bad Dreams" on BigTyme Records. Since then he has dropped 3 more cd's and Blank has been one of the hardest rappers in the click. His other releases are: (Mad At The World, N Tha Do', and Bad Newz Travels Fast). Point Blank also formed a group called Wreckless Klan and then released a self titled cd under that name.
The Wreckless Klan is a collaboration with PSK-13, and Ice Lord. Point Blank is also responsible for releasing the CD "Sentimental Value" by the late DJ Screw. He also just started a new label "Wreckless Entertainment". Point Blank has several releases slated for the near future including "Point Blank The Bull" which will be a underground release and "No Time For Error".