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Location:Houston, TX
Genre:Houston Rap
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Rasaq Seriki (born January 7, 1981), better known by his stage name Rasaq boy, is a rapper from Houston, Texas. He is the younger brother of rapper Chamillionaire (who has a very similar voice) and is part of his label Chamillitary Entertainment. Rasaq began dealing with adversity while young, when he and his family moved from place to place escaping one economic obstacle after another. After finally settling down on the northwest side of Houston, TX things seemed alright until circumstances forced Rasaq to leave his father's house and hop from friend's house to house in order to graduate from high school.
After seeing many of his comrades fall to the block and the daily barrage of crime and poverty, Rasaq decided it was time to take a chance at something better than just getting by month to month, and hooked up with OG Ron C and began rapping on his Wrecking Yard mixtapes. After a few stellar appearances, Rasaq hooked back up with his older brother and became a member of the Color Changin' Click as a rapper and aid in the recording process. The group later disbanded and was reformed as Chamillitary, of which Rasaq remained a member.
Rasaq had done shows across the country from 2001-2003, but with Chamillitary's major deal with Universal he was afforded an even greater opportunity to see the nation while performing as Chamillionaire's hypeman and helping with audio engineering. With the increased exposure Rasaq networked with celebrities as well as executive figures within the industry in which he built solid relationships. With the success of Chamillitary (i.e. MTV TRL performance, BET Spring Bling performance, a feature on Chamillionaire's platinum debut "The Sound of Revenge" alongside Lil Wayne, a Source magazine photo shoot, as well as various mixtape appearances) Rasaq soon developed a better understanding of the music business.
While learning from his brother's business savvy moves, it became very easy for Rasaq to also start his own company called Royal Green "where the grass is greener and the money is cleaner" and is determined to mirror his brothers success and create a double dynasty.