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Location:Houston, TX
Genre:Houston Rap, Latin Rap
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He goes by many names, such as, The Texas Chainsaw, Sheedy Gonzalez, The Wetblack, Wild Bill Blast, But at the end of the day, Alfonso Cook aka Rasheed are all the same. The Philadelphia native has always been known as one of the original members of the Dope House family, and an artist with a very distinct voice and sound. His music career began in the battle rap scene in the East Coast, which explains his quick delivery and freestyle skills. In his late teenage years, Rasheed would move to the South Park streets of Houston, TX. There is where he would meet Carlos Coy, better known as South Park Mexican.
Right when everything seemed to be going the way Rasheed was planning, he ended up being incarcerated, which at the time kept him from promoting his product. Dope Hose Records was impressed by the work ethic of Sheedy, and after his release, he would officially join the Dope House family. Let the games begin would be his first solo project under the label, and just like the name says, He was just getting started.
Rasheed became a popular artist on the label, from his features on some of SPM’s most popular songs such as Mary Go Round and Riddler On The Roof. He would go on to create a group and project with label mate Low G, called Wetblack. Wetblack became very popular in the sense that very few people had heard a rapper like Low G, who rapped mostly in spanish, and an African American rapper, Rasheed, who also showcased his Spanish rapping skills.
The two would create a somewhat colt following, that still holds till today. In the past years, Rasheed has continued to work, and provide his fans with the same music energy that they have come to enjoy from him throughout his career. He has released many albums and mixtures under his own label, 21st century, and continues to do shows around the country. He has taken new artists under his wing and has taught them the way to hustle product and show them that indeed Dope Still Sells Itself.