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Shelby Forest Click

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap


The Shelby Forest Click was formed sometime in 1996 by Mack DVS and Playa Bo "The Commissioner". They added Brave Dave and Nate Dogg to the group and they began working on their first album "Call It Whatcha Want" which featured members of The Gimisum Family and Lil Wyte (then known as Lil Pat). "Call It Whatcha Want" was released in 1998. Lil Wyte then became part of the group and in 1999 they began working on their second release “From Tha Hood 2 Tha Woodz”. The album was released in early 2000. Around this time they changed the label from “Brickwall Ent.” to “Lab Rat Muzik”.
That same year, after talking to DJ Paul and Juicy J on the phone while they were at K97, Bo and Mack DVS took a copy of their second album and aited outside the radio station for them to exit. They gave Paul and Juicy the album and two hours later they were offered a deal. Instead of signing on the spot, they got an entertainment lawyer who negotiated the deal for 5 months. He advised not to sign in early 2001. Only lil wyte went forward with the deal. After lil wyte’s departure, they planned on moving forward with their third group album. Mack DVS released on "Tempted". As "Tempted" neared completion on January 3, 2002, DVS was the victim of a tragic home invasion that left his girlfriend and one of the robbers dead. Over the next 6 weeks, he finished the album in the kitchen of his mother’s duplex and in March 2002 “Tempted” hit the streets.
Leading up to the release of “Tempted” DVS began to abuse prescription pills and alcohol to ease the pain. Musically, they were in a good place, doing a lot of shows and working on new material, but mentally he was unraveling. The downward spiral came to an end when he was arrested for 2nd degree murder He was sentenced to 17 years in April 2004. Since Then Lab Rat Muzik Has Released 8 Albums.