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Skool Boy

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap


While he may have long put down his number 2 pencil, don’t test rapper Skool Boy when it comes to his mic skills. His back-to-basics approach using thoughtful subject matter on top of head-banging tracks is certain to take him to the head of the Hip-Hop class. As one of North Memphis’ most gifted MC’s, where his expressive lyrics truly shine, Skool Boy is marketable, smart and destined for greatness.
He wasn’t fearful to meddle in adult conversations in his childhood years and as an adult, he is definitely unafraid to muscle his way to fame. It was this bold attitude coupled with his unyielding determination to succeed and the fact that he likes to educate and be educated, where the backpack-wearing rhymester copped his name.
Skool Boy’s spontaneous personality parallels his initial introduction to the classroom of music. After falling short of winning a baseball tournament at age 14, he impulsively began free-styling as a coping mechanism to release tension from the loss. Recognizing his melodic talent, he embraced the studio as his new playground.
Skool Boy was not the only one that noticed his natural talent. Money By Da Pound, a Memphis-based indie record label, had no idea the missing component of its expansion was footsteps away in the promotions department. The old adage “being in the right place at the right time” certainly rang true for the rhyme slinger who worked in the Promotions department for the budding empire before being discovered. As fate would have it, management came across a CD of Skool Boy’s meticulously crafted music. Immediately upon listening to his penchant for boastful rhymes and infectious hooks, management knew they had a star on the rise and signed him to a deal.
In 2008 and 2009, Skool Boy collaborated with Soulja Boy and Jibbs, as well as released 2 mixtapes: Buzzer Beater and Gym Class, securing almost 10, 000 downloads without promotions in 2010. His newest single, “Bottles” featuring fellow label mate Lil Hot, is currently bubbling nicely on the underground circuit. He is also busy in the booth working on 2 yet-untitled mixtape projects or “episodes” as he likes to term his body of work, being that his life plays out like a reality show. Both are slated for a summer release with features from Gucci Mane and other Hip-Hop VIP’s, Skool Boy, who is known for his stringent work ethic, has enough material to create 3 albums, however he understands that patience is a priority in the business of entertainment.
Skool Boy defines his music as having a magnetic effect, which is the fuel that drives his self-described “electrifying” performances, as his fans also suggest. Adopting an energetic, fun, and down-to-earth approach to his craft, Skool Boy maintains a genuine character both on and off the mic. He can undeniably move a crowd hype, which has done many times over, opening for an array of prominent artists such as Roscoe Dash, Soulja Boy, Plies and Yo Gotti.
Whether he creatively compliments a dope beat with lyrics about an epic vacation in Australia or simply storytelling about a cloudy day, Skool Boy takes his reality and injects “a little excitement in your lifestyle.” Pay attention, class is now in session.