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SO6IX (Seed Of 6ix)

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap


They say lightning never strikes in the same place twice, well whoever came up with this saying, cleary have never heard the music of Seed Of 6ix. The Memphis, Tennessee duo is made up of Locodunit & Lil Infamous. What makes them unique is their hard hitting spooky tracks, lyrical tongue twisting acrobatics, oh yeah, and they're the blood relatives of Three 6 Mafia founders D.J. Paul and the late great Lord Infamous. Loco is the nephew of legendary Academy Award Winning producer/rapper D.J. Paul, while Lil Infamous is the son of horrorcore godfather, Lord Infamous. They truly capture the essence and sound of Three 6 with their new mixtape, "SEED OF 6IX" now available on Lil Infamous even channels his father's cadence throughout the tape, at times making it difficult to differentiate between father and son. He truly is Lord Infamous re-incarnated.
"They say I sound EXACTLY identical (laughter), they think it's him rapping on the ghatdamn song." - Lil infamous
Locodunit has his hands in production as well, producing roughly three or four tracks on the project, he also added touches to every single song. He states that they have additional production by Herrinbone, JGRXXN, as well as a few more producers. These two are holding the Memphis underground and the Three 6 Mafia (now known as Da Mafia 6ix) torch high as they carry on with the 6ix name.
"I was popular because of it (having a famous family), but uh, they actually was kinda SCARED too (laughs) because of the name and everything you know." - Locodunit
"I wasn't really on ya know, the dark shit, but yeah he (Lord Infamous) heard me rap, I wasn't really taking it serious then but he was like, 'nigga you already gave up rappin?" - Lil Infamous
There is no doubt that Uncle Paulie is proud of the young Mafia. He recently let the two join him on Da Mafia 6ix's new album, "WATCH WHAT U WISH" scheduled for a 3/17/15 release. The success of Seed Of 6iX's "Drag Em to the River" video caught Unk's attention and it landed them on their first major project. Their mixtape features shout outs from Paul, Koopsta Knicca, a verse from La Chat on "Slangin Rocks," Trigg Bambino and Rebelyus.
If the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exsist, then the greatest trick Lord Infamous ever pulled, was convincing the world that he was gone....but never left. He got Da Mafia back together and left a part of himself here on earth thru his son, it's almost like he foreseen the future.