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Sonny Bama

Location:Mobile, AL
Genre:Southern Rap, Country Rap
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Sonny Bama is a unique voice in Southern hip-hop with a past that includes involvement in music on many different levels.
Born in Mobile, Alabama, Sonny started his music career as a radio DJ on urban station WYOK-FM. In 1998, he released the first independent rap record in South Alabama to receive extensive distribution at retail. Sonny Bama decided to move behind the scenes and pursue a career in music business, doing marketing and website development for artists ranging from Pastor Troy to Keisha Cole.
Bama is a guitarist, producer and master engineer, has done engineering for super group Three-6 Mafia and his production can be found on many nationally released albums. Sonny also worked along side industry veteran Wendy Day and Select-O-Hits Music Distribution in which he aided in digital as well as physical merchandising/branding for various artists. “I entered the music business as an artist then ended up sitting behind a desk for nearly a decade helping other artists build valuable entities” Says Bama.
As an artist, Sonny Bama produces 98% of his own music and blends genres by sampling or creating abstract music and converting it into soulful hip-hop. His lyrics occasionally deal with social or political issues. He is the “anti-rapper”, never wearing chains, jewelry, counting money in public or “making it rain” in the club. In his music, nobody is likely to die, there is no glorification of drug-dealing, materialism or genocide of the haters.
Sonny Bama makes real life authentic music that any Average Joe, blue collar working, check to check living person with a soul can relate to.