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Three J

Location:Dallas, TX
Genre:Southern Rap, Gospel Rap
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Three-J is a Christian Rap Artist, who's music breaks down the wall of "genre labeling." He has created his own style and has definitely made his mark in the music industry. Unlike other artists now a days, he makes it clear that he is who he is and he is strong in his beliefs. As A Christian, he does not compromise with the World, yet He still makes himself appealing to his lost and brain washed generation. He does it all from Christian Gospel songs, Love songs, Crunk songs, Uplifting songs, to those songs that just make you think.
He started his music career in early 2005 as one half of the group formally known as the "Throed Young Ballaz" (TYB). On April 12, 2007, Three-J rededicated his life to Christ. And since then he has been Rappin for the Lord. And just recently hooked up with his NEW Producer and fellow artist "Puntin" of Puntanious Productions / World Wide Impact Records.
Three-J's versatility, delivery, and spiritually uplifting style makes everything else unimportant. In Just A Year of "Crossing Over" He has been blessed with opportunities that most people would never get. Yet through it all, no matter what he does, he remains humble before the Lord and never gets a big head.
"I don't do this for the fortune or the fame, I do this because God gave me a blessing (music) and this is what He wants me to do with this blessing." -Three-J.
You will be able to catch Three-J LIVE in concert. He will be performing at several Youth Rallies, Churches, Christian Clubs, and other venues across East Texas.
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