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Location:Atlanta, GA
Genre:Southern Rap, Crunk
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American rapper Anthony Platt - better known as DJ Unk, is most well known for his smash hit, Walk It Out. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, he began spinning records ever since his late teens. Putting himself out there in the local music scene, he eventually began performing for various events such as proms, high school parties and pep rallies, alongside DJ Montay and DJ Jelly in the late 90’s. Several years later, he met Big Oomp who subsequently signed him to his recording label, Big Oomp Records- which marked the beginning of his official rapping career. With the company, he released his first single entitled, Walk It Out in the fall of 2006. A powerful debut, it garnered him nationwide popularity and soon became his first record to settle within the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. Later certified Platinum in the US, it remains to be one of his most successful releases to this day.
Two year’s worth of work at the studio later, the Atlanta-native dropped his debut album, Beat’n Down Yo Block! (2006). Although critical reception toward the release were generally mixed, it had no problem finding its way onto several US charts. A few months afterward, the album also gave rise to his second most successful single to date, 2 Step, which has since gone Gold for selling over 500,000 copies.
Two years later, DJ Unk followed up with his second full length album, 2econd Second. Altogether, he has come out with two studio albums, three mix tapes, and nine singles- some of his other popular titles include Hit the Dance Floor, Show Out, Alive, Trap it Out, and Have a Toast. As with most recording artists, the rapper has also collaborated with a number of different individuals such as Baby D, Louis Rocc, Erica Leigh, Montana, and the Three 6 Mafia.
Critical reception wise, 2econd Season garnered similar mixed reviews as its predecessor. Although critics lauded it for its consistent sounds, they also noted that there was a minuscule improvement in DJ Unk’s technique and flow. Having said that, the album still managed to reach the same US Charts- peaking at number 104 on the Billboard Top 200, at number fifteen on the Top R&B and Hip Hop Albums Chart and at number six on the US Top Rap Albums Chart.DJ Unk’s Health Issues. In the summer of 2009, the rapper was rushed to hospital after experiencing difficulty breathing; it was later revealed that the twenty six year old had suffered from a mild heart attack. Following the event, DJ Unk revealed that the incident was mostly likely precipitated by a bad diet, and drug use; he was also quick to ensure fans that he was recovering well on social media.
Considering it to be his wake up call, the rapper has since decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle- which means giving up both liquor and weed for the sake of his health.From there, it wasn’t until the early 2010’s that the rapper returned to the music scene- and for good reason. In 2012, he dropped the single, Get Em Up, which was later followed by Trap It Out and Have a Toast (Feat. Louis Rocc) in 2013. More recently, he has also come out with the titles Wait (2014), and Alive (Feat. Erica Leigh) With Another Monster (2015).