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Young Dolph

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap
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Adolph Thornton Jr., better known as Young Dolph, was born in Chicago, IL on August 11, 1985 to drug addicted parents. At the age of 3, Young Dolph’s grandmother (Ida Mae) uprooted him from the streets of Chicago to the Southside of Memphis, TN with hopes of having a better lifestyle for him and his siblings. By the age of 16, Young Dolph earned much respect in the drug infested, gang-related neighborhood of Castalia Heights.
Doing whatever he could to survive, Dolph chose the street life where he found himself taking care of his entire family. In 2008 he had a reality check as he survived a fatal car accident that nearly took his life. Later, his grandmother passed away from lung cancer. It was these series of incidents that made Dolph take his life and career more serious. With so much going on, he found comfort in the studio where he decided to release his pain through his music. In 2009 he dropped his first mixtape called Paper Route Campaign. Shortly after, he released Welcome To DolphWorld hosted by DJ Scream which took his rap career to the next level.
With Welcome To Dolph World blazing the streets of Memphis, Dolph formed his own record label, Paper Route Empire. Under his own label, he has released 5 more mixtapes entitled HighClass StreetMusic, HighClass StreetMusic 2, A Time 2 Kill, Blue Magic, and HighClass StreetMusic 3. Young Dolph is one of the hottest independent artists in the south. He has been featured with some of the top artist in the game, including Juicy J, 2 Chainz, Paul Wall, and Gucci Mane. Young Dolph continues to grind and hustle as he feeds the streets what they’ve been missing!

On November 17, 2021, he was shot and killed in Memphis, TN.

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