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Young Jai

Location:Memphis, TN
Genre:Memphis Rap


A game-changing artist and an impervious hustler of his time, Young Jai began his career as a preteen listening to hardcore hooligan raps of Playa Fly, Three 6 Mafia, Snoop Dogg and Gangsta Blac. Born Jai Armmer and raised in the villainous South Memphis district of Blackhaven, he was a producer, director, and business leader in the making. He found early on that music was the unsurpassed way to convey his craft. Boss hogging the name Young Jai he began writing rhymes in earlier '95, after obtaining his first Roland XP-60 Keyboard and MPC 2000 XL. From the treacherous gritty grimy slums of his hood, Jai remained relentless in learning the music business and decided later on to enroll in college. To make ends meet the Middle Tennessee State University student began his early career in Television. "I remember thinking, I'm going to school for something that I already know, I don't have the time for this." After transferring to the University of Memphis Jai' later called it quits with school and TV.
Dashing at full velocity Jai decided to get in the studio for the first time in 2006 to work on his anticipated solo mixtape entitled "The Memphis Makeover." While in the development of producing and writing his album, Jai began his search for the coldest and unbeatable "Memphis Jookers" in the city. After overflowing You Tube with worldwide promotional videos, at the top of 2007, Young Jai released Memphis Jookin Vol 1.Which presents the best Jookin in Memphis and his music throughout the DVD. In the efforts to be ultimately the man responsible for bringing jookin to the world Jai became synonymous with Memphis Jookin, gaining him international notoriety, both as a street videographer and digital content editor. The mixtape received great reviews and was later rereleased as an album on iTunes worldwide. As a member of the recording academy Jai knows first hand what it takes to be successful.
Say what you want but this mega multi-talented visionary is not only a force to be reckon with but also an executioner of the mixtape game and has proven through his work ethic to be the next big thing. Coming from a city where most label record executives overlook for breaking artist, Jai has done the unthinkable by landing a digital distribution deal through Universal's Def Jam label group for his newest single entitled "Aye Boo." Produced by sought after upcoming producer Lil A on the track of 2Fresh Entertainment, this song is correctly marketed to cross over radio formats this coming spring. Mixed and mastered by R&B heartthrob Tone Yates and an upcoming remix with Rap A Lot recording artist Kinfolk Thugs (Dump Truck) Young Jai is sure to top the independent charts and has already been speculated to be nominated at the Southern Entertainment Awards for best new artist. With pounding 808 kicks and crunchy snares Aye Boo is already being worked by the industry's top DJ coalition Hittmenn DJ's and the Core DJ's respectively in the streets. Art Official the album is coming this spring 2012.